Linocut print

This print, as many of my prints, started with me doodling on a piece of paper. Then I got interested in what would happen if I started at set points and from there the shapes would grow and shape each other. The way we are shaped by the people close to us and by the society we live in. In the video below you can see me drawing a similar work of art.

I drew some variants of this design until I decided to make a print of the one with 20 starting points. Most often I do the sketch or carve straight in the linoleum but this time I transferred the design from paper to the linoleum. 

The carving was quite tricky. The lines are thin, curved and close together. I carved this before I bought my Pfeil carving tools which are way more precise and sharp than the ones I used before. To make the carving easier I carved at the heating plate in the printing workshop, the heat makes the linoleum softer.

In the video below you can see part of the carving and inking process.

When I sent an image of the final print to a friend he said; now I want a cinnamon roll. Then I showed this to my mother and she started thinking of cinnamon rolls as well. What did you think of she asked me; Well, I thought about that we all are born quite alike but then as we grow we evolve differently, still our growth depends on the people and circumstances that surround us. I’ve also heard that it looks like rain falling on the surface of water or tree rings. A more abstract interpretation is that we are all connected energetically. I’m happy as long I can invoke some sort emotion in the viewer of my art. What feeling arises in your mind?

The edition of this print is limited to only 50. If you want one of your own be sure to order before they sell out.

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