We were all born alike white

We were all born alike white


When I sent this print to a friend he said; Now I want a cinnamon roll. Then I showed this to my mother and she started thinking of cinnamon rolls as well. What did you think of she asked me; Well, I thought about that we all are born quite alike but then as we grow we evolve differently, still our growth depend on the people and circumstances that surround us. I’ve also heard that it looks like rain falling on the surface of water or tree. A more abstract interpretation is that we are all connected energetically. I’m happy as long I can invoke some sort emotion in the viewer of my art. What feeling arises in your mind?

Format: digital download in JPG format

Size: A4, 300 dpi

Technique: hand drawn on tablet

How to use it: download it, print it and frame it. Use a fine quality art or photo paper to get the best result. 


The image in the download is owned by Anna Curtius and all rights are reserved unless otherwise granted to you in writing. When you download a product you do not own it, you are granted use of the file for personal use. You may not make any direct or indirect profit from the use of this product or distribute it without clearly sharing it’s source and credit me – Anna Curtius. Any other use not stated under the terms is prohibited unless other permission is obtained from (me) Anna Curtius in writing.

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