ART DIARY 2018.02

Art Diary 2018.02

After a couple of weeks of having the flu I finally made it back to the printmaking workshop today and printed the linocut artwork that I started some weeks ago. I used a roller I haven't used before and was surprised at how fast I could roll out an even layer. Some of the rollers in the workshop are uneven and hard to work with but this one was really good. 

I made three prints of this one and two prints each of other artworks. In all I spent around four hours in the workshop. Just cleaning up afterwords takes at least half an hour, sometimes as long as an hour. The ink is oil based and sticky and the work areas and tools are first cleaned with oil, then with water mixed with soap and finally with water. It's not my favorite part of printmaking.

Above you can see the finished print. I'm satisfied with the result. Now I'm going to continue carving to obtain the design that I wrote about in the last art diary. If you haven't read it you can find it here

Below you can see the inking process and how I print using the press we have in the workshop.

To see more videos and read about my creative process, click on the artworks below.

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