Creating a linocut print: Beyond the middle

I'm fascinated by the repetition of one element and how by the act of doing something again and again a picture much more complex than its individual parts emerges. 

When I first started drawing this I felt almost obsessed. In between dinner and putting the kids to bed I carved lines. Repeating one line after the other. It took a while. A relaxing moment in a busy every day life. Line after line.

I started with a small one. Then I made a small linocut of it. Then I drew a bigger. You can see a hyperlapse of me drawing one below.

The carving took a long time. Many hours and many pauses to relax my hand and back. It's fascinating for me to watch it grow, line after line and circle after circle. I feel tempted to make an even bigger one in the future.

In the video below I'm inking and printing the linocut in the printmaking workshop.

I’ve heard it makes people think of everything from the beginning and the end of eternity, a huge mushroom, the weirdest set of bookshelves ever made, a log and a life with lots of layers. What do you see?

The edition of this print is limited to only 50 and it's one of my most popular art works. If you want one of your own be sure to order before they sell out.

Click on the images below to take a closer look at Beyond the Middle.

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