ART DIARY 2018.01

Art Diary 2018.01

The last weeks my focus has been on decluttering my apartment and the basement. I've given away the kid's old clothes and shoes to charity and thrown away a lot of junk. In between I've found some space to create.

I started with a linocut from a sketch I did last spring when I was working through a lot of thoughts and emotions about the aging of my body. All the different ways breasts look and age became something I almost obsessed about. Where I live there are many billboards with young, retouched models that made me feel that my breasts were quite inadequate, at the same time when I went to the swimming pool I saw breasts in different shapes, sizes and forms that didn't look like the norm I see in advertising and magazines. By doing the sketches below I both acknowledged and accepted those thoughts that were bothering me and were able to work through them.

For a while now I wanted to make a linocut of these sketches and finally last week I started. I sketched straight on the linoleum and it became a mix of the two sketches above. 


I'm about half way through carving the linoleum. As always it's a very relaxing and therapeutic time for me when I create. Look at the video below to see parts of the process.

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